Your first step is to verify your eligibility to take PMI’s PMP® Certification exam.

How do you verify whether you are eligible? The answer is contained in PMI’s PMP® Handbook. This handbook will soon become your bible regarding all things about the PMP® application process. You just need to keep this document handy for reference every step of the way.

You can download the PMP® Handbook from website. Updated versions are regularly posted on the PMI® website and this is a very valuable resource for any serious candidate applying to the PMP® certification. Scan this document to find out about eligibility requirements; it should take you only a couple of minutes.

No need to read all the details at this stage; you will learn more information later, as needed.

This important handbook contains detailed explanations for the entire process, from filling out the application form to receiving your eligibility letter to sitting for the exam and everything in between.

The PMP® application process involves several parties and stakeholders. Having a clear, high-level understanding of who is doing what and who has which responsibilities at every stage of the process will save you time and effort. The figure below provides an activity diagram that summarizes the main participants and their responsibilities.

Now that you have decided to pass the PMP certification, it is time to start your learning activities of your PMP Certification course.

As you further explore the PMP® handbook, you can always refer back to this diagram to make sure you have all the elements in place. Keep in mind, prospective candidates who try to digest all the information at once may experience information overload, which often results in missed steps.

The application process is actually fairly straightforward but the difficulty is that it requires applicants to go through a lot of detailed information and it is a lengthy process. The handbook document contains more than 50 pages at the time of publication of this book. Because the online application form is ever-evolving, we do not have the exact number of fields or screens you will be asked to complete, but there are approximately 20 to 50 fields and at least 3 screens for documenting your work experience, depending on how many projects you need to support your application.

We recommend you use a spreadsheet to document your hours. Why?

First, it will help you to organize lots of data in a consistent manner.

Second, you will be able to use automation features and formulas to accurately summarize your hours of experience.

Third, this file will be most useful in responding to a potential audit inquiry.

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