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  • Individuals who are looking for a reliable and useful source of information and guidance to get started with their PMP certification journey.
  • Exam prep students who have already started their training but are uncertain about the best strategy and training path to reach their goal with confidence and on budget.
  • PMP exam candidates who have completed their core training and seek expert guidance and reassurance to get organized for their final sprint and perform at their peak on exam day.
  • Trainers and instructors who are interested in bringing training information to their students.
retain PMP certification career benefits

This blog is dedicated to offering coaching advice, secrets, tips and exercises for successful PMP® certification preparation. Then, the blog content moves onto the more focused final subject matter review presented by our experts, where students can rely on our comprehensive, must-know checklists as they advance to the final phase of their exam preparation journey and their life after the exam and maintain this certification throughout your career. All active PMP® credential holders are obligated to take and report the equivalent of 60 hours of continuing education activities or PDU every 3 year.

This blog is organized to guide the reader through the initial steps and on the last week for peak performance on the exam day.

All the articles are sequenced in chronological order, but each article stands on its own and can therefore be read in any order.

We hope that the guidance you will find in this blog and other resources will help you to avoid the PMP exam prep common pitfall.

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