Test Your PMP® Certification Preparation Understanding

Many candidates who are successful with their online study are often very knowledgeable about the various training options available. They also tend to be quite systematic in their research for efficiency (will the training deliver the outcomes advertised?) and effectiveness (will the training be organized in a way that optimizes learning outcomes?).

There are many aspects to consider when building your own training solution that will fit not only your budget size but also your availability and style of learning.

We’ve created a list of tasks, based on the questions we regularly receive from prospective students, to assist you with your homework and making sure you’ve covered all the important aspects involved in searching for the right training providers for you.

The illustration below highlights 5 key tasks that are undertaken by successful candidates as part of their training journey. Subject matter mastery is important but so are other dimensions of the preparation, ones that will boost your confidence and support your continued self-motivation. Too many projects still fail due to poor initiating, weak strategic alignment, and insufficient engagement of stakeholders.

When you have clarity and solid knowledge that you have a good training solution, and you feel comfortable with your budget, a harmonious space is created where study and learning can occur, since the stress of choosing the right learning environment for you will have been addressed in a logical, sensible way.

PMP® Certification Budgeting Task List

As you go through this task list, review each of the 5 tasks and select the checkbox that corresponds closest to where you currently are in the process. When you have completed the task, then you can check the “done” box or if you haven’t completed this task yet you can mark it as a “to-do” list or “not planned” yet. If it’s not planned, do you see benefit in taking this into account and devoting the time necessary to get up to speed in this area? This exercise will allow you to consolidate your understanding and self-validate your level of competency.

Successful PMP® candidates, especially online students, will usually mark all 5 tasks as done. Unfortunately, students who are uncertain and unclear about their training options tend to wander from one training option to another. They may not ever feel ready to take the exam, and postpone setting their exam date resulting in a less than optimal return on their valuable study time. Self-study online requires self-validation at each step of the training journey. Students who are unsure of whether the training they selected will lead them to success do not set themselves up with the best chance at achieving their goals.

Selecting your optimal training solution is a great confidence booster and will keep you going during the long journey to reach your ultimate goal.

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