As introduced in section the post Overview PMP® Prep Time & Effort, we suggest you use a task list to complete an understanding self-assessment exercise. The illustration Exam Stress Management Task List provided below delineates 5 groups of tasks that most successful students are achieving with their study strategies. You can use this approach to reflect on your choices, and review how your strategy is aligned with modern research on cognitive abilities and learning outcomes optimization. This should be very useful in providing perspective on how to obtain the best return on your invested study efforts.

Several PMP students have reported that they passed the exam with only their 35-hour course and the PMBOK® Guide. Nevertheless, most of Alumni utilized at least one extra book along with other study resources. Take advantage of online solutions and mobile apps that provide ample training materials for busy students at the most affordable cost.

Using a variety of learning formats that will engage your sight, hearing and tactile senses is an excellent way to reinforce natural learning. Having an array of solutions handy when you are at home, on break at work or on the go will allow you to continuously study with training material adapted to the changing conditions you’ll experience during your day-to-day routine.

Forming and working with a study group can give you extra support. Sharing study time with other PMP® candidates can boost your morale and help with brain agility when discussing topics in person or using online forums.

Some students who self-study for the PMP® exam receive limited to no support whatsoever from their professional environments. Therefore, they need to organize their own journey from start to finish. There is a definite feeling of empowerment that comes with designing your own training solution, and tailoring it to fit your learning style and abilities, your strengths and weaknesses and your availability. We encourage you to ask for support from family and friends and take advantage of online and mobile study help whenever possible. There is a very special sense of self-achievement that comes along with your well-deserved success when you complete your training path and earn your certification. You will be reaching a critical milestone in your professional career and truly own it!

As the exam day approached, PMP Alumni reported that they highly prioritized the exam review, thought about it constantly and their level of stress was increasing, which is quite normal. Most of them studied whenever and wherever they could: on the bus or the subway, before breakfast or after dinner, or during their lunch break. Most appreciated extra support from friends and family. A few were able to take some days off to dedicate uninterrupted time to their preparation.

Finally, it’s also important to note that you may find it disconcerting that your experience in the project management field may not be as useful as you might have expected. The exam will test your knowledge of PMI® concepts and your skills at applying their recommended best practices. Often, veteran project managers leverage their personal experiences and get exam questions wrong because their methods were not aligned with PMI® standards.

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